CRAVE 'Paradise Hotel' Re-mastered, CDr [PIT]

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CRAVE 'Paradise Hotel' Re-mastered, CDr [PIT]

['Paradise Hotel' was inspired by the book 'Whores for Gloria' by William T. Vollmann.
This was recorded while fantasizing about the soundtrack of a fictional movie inspired by this book. + NYC/70s/Deuce
In between harsh noise, old-school industrial (Gloria), 70's synth (Wallstreet Dust) and trap (12 gauge).
P. H. Is a vicious blend that will gather more haters to spit on John's bonfire.]

- Screenprinted crave logo on the CD
- Chrome "PIT" logo on the CD
- Duplicated on black sided cds (like playstation cds)
- Limited to 50 copies and hand-numbered
- More artworks and details inside the jewelcase.
- Comes with a transparent lyrics sheet
- Mastering by Grant Richardson

All copies are handmade with care.