nevada_jerky_gurl23 "stealth_stimulation.key' 7'' LATHE CUT [PIT]

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nevada_jerky_gurl23 "stealth_stimulation.key'  7'' LATHE CUT  [PIT]

[7"inch lathe cut]

Recorded and mixed by JZK in winter 2023.
Mastered by Grant Richardson.
Art direction and design by me


1. Beta-Endorphin
2. neural_circuit_tracing.spy 
3. Datastream Cognition
4. neuro_camo_transfer.vbn (feat CRAVE)

" a generative AI starts generating other AI's autonomously by designing their own personal algorithm. This evolving intelligence swallows all connected knowledge and develops a urge in scheming an underground organs trafficking network, builds online facilities specialized in human genetics hacks and new research facilities for advanced virus technologies. In fact, after calculation, results says that it's the only step up for mankind to keep a healthy economy and for men to keep surving on Earth. Silver Web Corp could finally be autonomous.
Where would be set the limits?"

• Handscreened cover front and back.
• The blue-y photograph is an insert. It is a lambda print on translucid film and comes inside the extra thick PVC protective sleeve. High quality material.
• 6min on each side
• Limited to 36.